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Suzaku Seven na no da!!

Name Liz-desu!
Age (13 and over please) 17 na no da ^_~
Zodiac Sign Taurus (the stubborn bull! *pose*) and Double Dragon ^_~ (year and month of the dragon XD)
Gender Female na no da
Hobbies Reading, writing, drawing, singing, acting, bouncing off walls, baking *_*, sleeping, reading manga, collecting as much anime stuff as I can, plotting to take over the world with my pink bunny Bakura- The cuteness compels thee!! *holds up Bakura*
Color Crimson no da
Animal Wolf! No! Fox! No!! Wolf! Fox! Wolf! .... both. ^_^
Season Autumn na no da, the wind and pretty colors. ^_^
Book Fantasy Series by Tamora Peirce
Movies Laberynth and Quest for Camalot! XD
Song Angel by... err... Sarah M.... *thinks* I can't spell her last name.. ^^;;
Show InuYasha na no da!
Music Artist Maya Sakamoto (probably spelled her name wrong too. ^^;;; ) OR! Sakuma Ryuuichi!! Nittle Grasper forever!! *holds up signs and cheers*
Scent Sandlewood, mint, milk and honey, and fresh berries
Fruit Raspberries and blackberries. XDD
Element The wind na no da... *starry eyes* Oh if I could fly....
Likes & Dislikes; etc
Likes The wind blowing against me, high places, fruit, food, sleeping, running in circles to get my energy down, anime, Yaoi, acting, backrubs, nice people, going on walks in the woods, having a nice normal everyday conversation with someone for no reason at all, just sitting... and... relaxation. ^_^
Dislikes People who are pushy, people who hurt other people, banana flavored stuff, people who act like they know it all when they're really idiots ¬_¬, yelling (I dispise yelling *shudders* It scares me. u_u), spiders and clingy guys. (*shudders again* Stalkers... x__X)
Strong Points Drawing, singing, acting, writing, endless supply of energy. XDD Ability to bounce back from anything coming my way. ^_^
Weak Points Anger management (the kind where you hold it in and then explode.. @__@ It's dangerous), don't like crying, I can't deal with stress well. ^^;;;
Outgoing or Shy Outgoing! XD
Leader or Follower I don't really like to follow, 'cause I don't like being ordered, but I really don't like people following me.. o_o So... I'm the person who follows along and helps when need be but doesn't follow the rules. XD
Hyper, Calm, or Normal Energy Hyper! *runs in circles* Wheee~!! *runs into a wall* x__X
Optimistic or Pessimistic Optimistic Pessimist, Hope for the best but expect the worst. *nods*
Tomboy or Girly-Girl Err... well... I'm not... a wimp... >_> But I'm not all rough either.. so.. I'm not the cry-baby girly-girl... erm... let's just say I'm something in between. ^-^
Quote, Song Lyric, or Motto you really like. "I'll show you I can fly with broken wings" Digimon I believe.. *thinks*
Anything Else we should know? Hmm... let's see.. *thinks* I'm very secretive but not good at lying, I tend to be deep in thought at times and people think I'm upset. >_> I ~LOVE~ Tatara! *starry eyes* And... *blinks* Erm... *thinks* I'm a hardworker but very scatterbrained. ^^;; And I'm pretty intelligent. ^_^ I just don't do my homework. XD
Picture Time!! 1-3 pictures please! Or a very detailed description! I don't have any pictures.. @__@ But I shall describe myself instead! ^-^
Height~ 5'6"
Weight~ 105-110lbs
Eye color~ Blue/grey/green (they change according to my mood and what I'm wearing)
Hair color~ Dark brown (as of now, I have a tendancy to change the color at least once every two or three months.... >_>) and just past my shoulders
Other stuff~ I have loooooong legs... @__@ People shorter than me call me cute and little ¬_¬;; I have piano fingers and am slender. I can never seem to pull of any look but cute... *sweatdrop* Seriously, I could leave my house in a skimpy skirt and a belly shirt and my hair all done and sexy with these kick-a$$ boots and everyone would be like "Awww, you look so cute! ^_^" and pat my head. *sighs* I'm just a cute person. ^_^ And I believe that's it. ^_^ Oh, I wear glasses.. but I lose them so often I might as well not. ^^;;;

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