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Suzaku Seven!



Name SK-chan.
Age (13 and over please) 15.
Zodiac Sign Aries.
Gender Female...but this shouldn't affect my vote.
Hobbies Track (sprinter), drawing, internet, icon-making, violin, roleplaying, cosplaying.


Color Blue.
Animal Dragon.
Season I like Spring for the nice weather but the bugs come I like Winter because there's the holidays, break, and no bugs.
Book Almost any type of manga~ Like Bleach, Hana Kimi, etc.
Movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Phantom of the Opera.
Song Evanescence songs, anime songs, ochestral music, Contemporary Christian songs, other random songs.
Show Bleach...and I just began watching Firefly today on SciFi.
Music Artist I suppose Evanescence.
Scent Popcorn.
Fruit Hm...I suppose strawberries and peaches.
Element Fire or electricity...maybe even wind.

Likes & Dislikes; etc

Likes Anime, manga, drawing, laptops, computers, CDs, my friends and family, working alone, music, dragons, trenchcoats, chocolate, popcorn, internet, roleplaying, money, icon-making, movies, cosplay, video games.
Dislikes Celery, people who insult my religion, annoying people, stress, insects (especially bees), loud noises, bad grades, aches, illnesses.
Strong Points I'm responsible, since I'm the oldest child of my family. I'm calm and loyal to my friends/family. I care deeply for my friends to the point of protecting them as well as my siblings. I do very well in school.
Weak Points I can fall into depression very easily or get very pissed off when something negative that involves my friends/family (including myself) happens or when I'm dealing with stress. I can also be slightly cold to some people and quiet. I'm just slightly anti-social, although I do have friends. I can also be lazy lay-in-bed-till-afternoon lazy.
Outgoing or Shy I suppose shy.
Leader or Follower It depends on the situation...if no one is getting anything done then I step up to lead, otherwise I'd rather not.
Hyper, Calm, or Normal Energy Calm and varies. Usually calm...but once in a blue moon I can get quite hyper when around my friends.
Optimistic or Pessimistic I can be both. For example, at times I can build others up when they're down, even myself. But sometimes I put myself down and worry too much about what can happen.
Tomboy or Girly-Girl Well, I'm definately NOT a "girly-girl".

Quote, Song Lyric, or Motto you really like. Right now, I suppose it would be...

"P.S. Anyone who sees this and thinks something ordinary like 'It looks like a dying message'...has no talent for comedy!"
-Urahara Kisuke

...because I am amused by what he says (Urahara is from the anime Bleach). The basic setting is that Urahara sent a...paint ball bomb? into the main character's bedroom and it splattered all over his closet. It revealed a hidden message in red paint, so it looks like blood. Then he added this quote afterwards because the main character thought it looked like a dying message...and Urahara is just fun and silly like that.

Anything Else we should know? I'm calm and loyal to my friends/family. I can be a procrastinator with work, but I always get the job done...sooner or later. I can be very emotional, but I don't like showing it to people, so not many see it. I care deeply for my friends. I can be slightly cold to annoying people, since I dislike them and don't enjoy being disturbed when I'm working. I don't like to be pushed around. I get pretty obsessive. I like to kid around with my close friends as well, cause it's amusing, and it may seem "mean" at times, but I'm only joking around. I'm quite intelligent and witty and do well in school. I can get really pissed off at times, since I bottle my emotions, and sometimes they just explode, even if I don't want them to. I usually think before I act, but sometimes things can come out wrongly and then I try to make them understand it was a misunderstanding. Also, I can get extremely stressed out when it comes to keeping up my grades, because if I get a low grade then I get pissed...sometimes not at just myself.

Picture Time!! 1-3 pictures please! Or a very detailed description!

Cosplaying as Kaiba Seto.

Normal me. 8D
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